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NPS Group AG, with headquarters in central Switzerland, consits of a team of highly qualified specialists. Core competences include in-depth expertise and over 35 years’ experience in the field of gemstones and diamonds, as well as in trading, consulting and sales.

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Why choose lab grown diamonds?

The world is changing. Transparency and ethical principles are becoming increasingly important assets. Today’s customers want to know more – where does a product come from? What is its impact on society and the environment? What statement am I making about myself and my convictions? How can I as an individual positively impact our future? Lab grown diamonds can answer these questions and take into account the changing consumer consciousness.


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Genuine? Genuinely complex

Lab grown diamonds are «produced» by mimicking the principle observed in nature: a natural carbon, such as graphite, is turned into a crystal-clear gemstone with enormous pressure and a temperature of around 1600 degrees. What takes hundreds of thousands of years in nature can today be efficiently replicated in the lab. The result is visually and physically indistinguishable from the natural product.

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Valuable and desirable

Diamonds are precious and rare. Their value is measured by their quality. This is no different with lab grown diamonds: The know-how and technology required to manufacture these innovative products make them just as sought-after as those found in nature. On the other hand, due to short transport distances and a lower impact on resources and the environment, lab grown diamonds are significantly lower in price.

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Moving with the times

We are living in the third millennium of modern human history. Our research has made the unimaginable possible. Development will continue. We must remain open; a new world needs new values. Lab grown diamonds are a response to these changes: they are sustainable, conflict-free and at the same time just as beautiful as their sisters from the depths of the earth. A new generation of clients is receptive to this message.

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Creating value

A diamond is and remains an investment that holds a significant moment in a person’s life. It represents great appreciation, love, trust, gratitude and (self) reward. Lab grown diamonds combine these traditional values with a contemporary statement: pure, modern, future-oriented. The precious stone remains a statement for eternity


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Our Partners

We know the market extensively – from both sides, procurement and retail. We commit to partnerships founded on mutual transparency, trust and respect. We work with suppliers and trading partners we have known for years, who stand for first-class, sustainable and conflictfree products.

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Interview with the CEO

Lab grown diamonds are becoming ever more popular. But they raise some questions: What is the difference between lab grown diamonds (LGD), created in a lab, and conventional mined diamonds? What makes LGD so attractive, and where does NPS Group AG source their lab grown diamonds? We put these questions to Carl Knobel, CEO at Lab Grown Diamonds by NPS Group AG.

Why lab grown diamonds (LGD)?

Because they are right on trend in terms of sustainability! The world is changing and so are consumer habits. People are concerned about the origin of a product and what impact it has on the environment. Many young people in particular have a heightened awareness of issues such as sustainability, ethics and being ecologically mindful. Lab created diamonds meet these concerns; they are sustainable and, above all, conflict-free.

What makes LGD so attractive?

They are conflict-free, which is doubtless the most significant aspect. In addition, they are also more interesting/attractive price-wise, making them accessible to a young buyer base.

Are there differences between mined and lab diamonds?

Purely in terms of the product, no. With the naked eye, lab grown diamonds cannot be distinguished from natural diamonds; the optical, chemical and physical properties are identical. It takes several million years for natural diamonds to form, but in the laboratory this process is accelerated to about three months.

Where does NPS Group AG get their lab diamonds from?

With over 35 years of experience in the gemstone trade, NPS Group AG has very good relationships with renowned manufacturers of laboratory diamonds. Our main supplier is located in Belgium.

Can customers order custom jewellery from NPS Group AG?

NPS Group AG does not sell jewellery. However, we have good business relations with selected goldsmiths, from whom various items of jewellery can be commissioned.




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